There is not a specific set of criteria which you can or cannot send to your virtual assistant, but administrative tasks tend to be the norm, which can include email management, letter typing and formatting, the creation of other MS Office documents including PowerPoint presentation, Excel spreadsheets, PDF manuals, marketing newsletters & emails or any number of the hundreds of day-to-day administrative duties you find yourself getting bogged down by. Engage with me as your virtual assistant, in any capacity, to best suit your requirements, I am here to support you there!

Working with a virtual assistant should make your work life easier, allowing you to do whatever it is that you do best. Paperwork can soon mount up and sometimes it feels easier to try and ignore it in the hope that it will go away! the time spent on worrying about your administration can be saved by outsourcing it to a virtual assistant. I could be busy working on your invoices and expenses while you spend your time more effectively; working on your business hands-on, whether that’s meeting new clients or getting started with a new project.

You can hire me on a pay-per-task basis when you only pay for work that I have completed, or you can hire me on a daily or weekly basis for a set fee or retainer; where you are free to send tasks to me over an agreed period. I can be available on a full-time or part-time basis and you will have direct contact and support from me during regular working hours, I can also be available to take enquiries out of hours as nobody’s day actually stops at 5 pm. As your virtual assistant, I am here to work with, and to support, you.

What can I do for you?

  • Graphic Design
  • Email Management
  • Social Media
  • Updating CRM
  • Web Design
  • Appointments
  • Travel Planning
  • Online Calendar
  • Online Research
  • Data Entry
  • MS Office

Or something else?