As the business owner, there are certainly times when you are the only person a client wants or needs to speak to—when closing a sale or finalising the details of a new business partnership, for example. Handing over all of your other day-to-day client correspondence to a virtual assistant will save you a tonne of time and money. Because most businesses have a 24-48 hour follow-up window at most, clients expect prompt replies to their inquiries and requests. By handing off email responses, follow-up calls, prospect calls, and informational correspondence, you’ll save yourself from getting caught up in hours of work that can be easily done by a virtual assistant who knows your product and business and can simply convey information. This will be one of, if not my main function to assist your business, I can offer your clients a more focus personalised experience because I won’t be thinking about the numerous other things that have to get done after the call.

  • Email Management
  • Telephone Calling / Answering
  • Appointment / Calendar Management
  • Conference Call Management
  • Client / Business Research


As any business owner or manager can attest to, administrative tasks are endless. Administrative work is never finished and can drain the energy and creativity that should be reserved for developing your business strategically. Additionally, because many administrative tasks involve knowledge of software systems and specific skills, hiring a virtual assistant will save you time because you won’t be required to learn every new task, system, and program that is required to run your business. I offer administrative support, editing and proofreading, Microsoft Office programs and tasks, document and manual creation. Hiring a virtual assistant for special and temporary projects is also a great way to save your energy and get projects off the ground faster.

  • MS Office Applications
  • PowerPoint Presentation Design
  • Document and Manual Creation
  • Project Planning


Having trained professionally as a Graphic Designer and running my own freelance design business I am able to offer you more specialised graphic design services such as logo design and branding, business stationery design and print, website design, build, maintenance and management, exhibition planning, design, print and if required set-up.

  • Brand Strategy / Logo Design
  • Business Stationery Design and Print
  • Exhibition Stand Design, Print and Delivery
  • Website Design, Maintenance and Management


These days, a strong social networking presence is a must if you want your business to be successful. This means writing and posting blog articles to social media, adding visual elements to your social presence, linking to other sites and articles related to your business, and maintaining an engaged daily presence online. It’s very easy to get distracted and waste time while posting on Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites. To ensure that you stay engaged with your prospects and clients without getting sucked in, engaging with a virtual assistant with experience in social media management to compose content for your blog and social media sites that are relevant and engaging. I can create blocks of posts at a time and schedule them strategically so that they automatically post on your social media sites during times that your clients are most likely to see them. Setting yourself up with a virtual social media assistant will, again, save you time and money while moving your business forward more quickly and strategically.

  • Social Media Posting
  • Responding to Social Media Questions / Posts
  • Email Marketing

why would i use a virtual assistant

Employing someone yourself means you have to provide a pension scheme, pay national insurance, tax, holiday & sick leave, not to mention those coffee breaks or chats about last night’s TV by the photocopier, as well as physically accommodating them in your business premises. Recruiting a temp through an agency can involve expensive fees and contracts. Employing a Virtual Assistant means you only pay for the work actually carried out on your behalf and you don’t have to provide desk space or equipment.